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PORTAL  March/April 2021

Issue Highlights

Broadening Horizons / Charles White

Progress and Professionalism in a Crowded Market / Will Kohudic

21st Century Relocations: Moving Ahead of the Times

Paxton International Finds Success in Afghanistan

Orient International Relocations:
Nepal's Eco-friendly Relocations Company

LINKINDIA: Adapting and Innovating in India

A Business Culture of Standing Out—ISS Relocations

E.B. Creasy Stands the Test of Time

Alpha Logistics Rises with the Economy

Trans-Global Relocations: Building Relationships in Sri Lanka

Interem Reflects India’s Vastness and Diversity

Move One—Overcoming Obstacles in Afghanistan

Grace Relocations India Thrives on World-Class Experience

Horizon Relocations Brings the World to Sri Lanka

Professionalism and Loyalty: Universal Relocations 

PMR: Fostering A Progressive Change in India’s Most Unstructured Industry

IAM Announces New Leadership Program / Julia O’Connor

Terence Wee Joins YP Management Board

1994: Washington, DC and California—Where the Action Was! / Rick Curry

Vaccinate Yourself Against a Poor DoD Moving Season / Daniel J. Bradley

Celebrating Move Coordinators / Ray daSilva

Digital Transformation / Ray daSilva

How to Create a Dynamic Culture of Organizational Well-Being / Chris Griffin

Migration Trends During the Pandemic / Brian Limperopulos

U.S. FMC Advances Inquiry into Detention and Demurrage Fees / Jim Wise and Bryan Vickers

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