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July/August 2022

IAM-YP Focus: The Next Generation of Leaders is Here


An evolving global moving and mobility industry is being led into the future by a new generation of leaders. The current and emerging leaders of the YP membership are forward-thinking, and unafraid of challenging norms and breaking barriers. These leaders represent a bright future for IAM and the industry and are paving the way for what comes next.


Leadership doesn't always mean being in charge. True leadership comes from inspiration, motivation, and the ability to lead from any position. To ensure companies will thrive in the future, it’s important to identify your next-generation leaders and empower them with the necessary skills and confidence to play a role in the success of your organization.

All IAM-YP members are invited to contribute! To guide your submissions, please see the following suggestions for possible article topics:

  • What innovative practices and technologies are you driving within our organization?

  • What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

  • How would you describe your leadership journey? Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Do you have mentors and colleagues who helped you progress and grow as a leader?

  • What barriers have you had to overcome to affect change within your company or the industry?


Please send all inquiries and submissions to Will Kohudic, Editor, at

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  • You may write a complete article or simply provide the suggested information and we’ll include it in a staff-written overview article.

  • High-resolution digital photos (as separate image files, not embedded in your Word document) are welcome and will be used with your story as space permits.

  • We don’t have a specific word limit but suggest about 500-800 words. Remember that all submissions are subject to editing.

  • You may provide your text in an email message or as an attached Word document.

  • Be sure to include the author's name, job title and company with your submission.

  • Send your contribution and any questions to

  • Photos must be high-resolution for print; a mobile phone photo at original size is usually acceptable.