Editorial Calendar for the Portal

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Themes for 2022 Issues
January/February (Deadline: December 15, 2021)

Global Mobility Trends from 2021 and Lessons for 2022

And How They Apply to Movers of All Kinds

It has been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic set in on a global scale. This feature will discuss what has happened in the mobility industry over the past year, how companies have adapted and continue to adapt to the realities of change in the economy and the workforce, and trends and practices that we see shaping up in 2022.

March/April (Deadline: February 15)

Latin America and the Caribbean: A Regional Focus

It has been more than 10 years since the Portal has taken a deep look at the moving industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. What has changed there, and what has stayed the same? How have our members in this region survived and thrived over the course of the pandemic, and what are their visions for the future?


May/June (Deadline: April 15)


U.S. Domestic, Military and Government Trends from 2021 and Lessons for 2022

This issue will focus on how the global pandemic has impacted moving within the U.S. as well as its effect on DoD and U.S. government moves. Depending on the current status of the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC), a focus on that critical topic may be included in this feature.


July/August (Deadline: June 15)


IAM-YP Focus: The Next Generation of Leaders is Here


An evolving global moving and mobility industry is being led into the future by a new generation of leaders. The current and emerging leaders of the YP membership are forward-thinking, and unafraid of challenging norms and breaking barriers. These leaders represent a bright future for IAM and the industry and are paving the way for what comes next.

September/October (Deadline: August 15)


IAM 60th Annual Meeting Preview

What to Expect at the Annual Meeting: An overview of planned events and the people who make it all happen.


November/December (Deadline: November 1)

Perspectives on the 60th Annual Meeting & Expo: A recap and screenshot/photo review of the Annual Meeting.


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