Issue - July/August 2021


The Heartbeat of the Organization

By Anish Dsouza, Manager, Sales, ISS Relocations

COVID-19 has no doubt been one of the most challenging times that we have experienced in the recent years globally. We are aware that a large proportion of business organizations and industries have suffered some sort of a setback either monetary or structurally. These setbacks have eventually forced companies to take further tougher decisions and actions to either implement pay cuts or work without pay, and eventually going a step further on making employees redundant to try and keep their businesses in the running.

During the last year and a half, Covid has tested the strength and flexibility of several companies, and ISS Relocations has been no exception, in that it forced management to implement pay cuts to its employees. This was in the best interest of the company. However, in all of this, the management always ensured that employee always came first no matter what and provided its best support in whatever way they could. No staff was made redundant during this period. ISS Relocations works as a family more than just an organization—that is what makes it different from competition. Also, it is the reassurance that motivates employees to ensure that ISS does not lose focus on its customers and ensures that quality services are always when delivered in all jobs undertaken. One of the most important and crucial departments that I personally would like to highlight is the operations staff, who have been the frontline workers during this difficult period.

The operations staff are the heartbeat of any business organization. They play an important part in defining the business base of a company. Covid has been one of the toughest tests for them physically and mentally, as they not only performed in different environments but also had to adapt under difficult conditions and circumstances. Considering that the stress levels of customers are high, operations must ensure they deal with customer emotions in a calm and effective manner, and at the same time ensuring they meet all safety guidelines from the respective local government authorities. That is what the ISS Relocations team in all our locations excelled in. Customers have heaped well-deserved and much-appreciated praise on all our heroes.