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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Overcoming Industry Reluctance to Digital Information

By Joggie Taute, CEO, Move4U

Improving Processes and Customer Experience

In almost every aspect of our lives we are using digital information to get things done quickly and efficiently, from entertainment to travel, banking, and shopping. Yet with some exceptions, the moving industry has been reluctant to adopt technology even though the productivity benefits may be obvious to any outsider looking in.

At Move4U, we develop solutions for in-home and video pre-move surveys, inventories, insurance and claims handling and web applications to capture leads more efficiently. These are all areas of the moving industry that can benefit from digital information both in terms of customer satisfaction and sharing information internally and externally. The data can also be used to provide greater business intelligence and respond to issues like survey accuracy and helping claims reduction.

While some technology companies may simply throw their hands up in frustration, as a result of our roots in the industry, Move4U understand the concerns and embrace the challenge by putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We love the industry because each moving company has its own character and personality, but if we had to put companies into categories, it would look something like this:

“Over my dead body”

These are the companies that we can’t help. The owner is so “anti-technology” that we simply ask them to contact us if they ever change their mind.

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

We always respect moving companies that work efficiently using pen and paper and a traditional operating model. These companies are sometimes interested in learning more about our applications, some will sign up for the free trial and personal training we offer but often never actually find time to use the software.

“I love it, but what about the cost and disruption?”

An increasing number of moving companies contact us with genuine interest and immediately see the benefits. Their fear is twofold; it is going to cost too much money, or it will bring my business to a standstill.

The cost barrier is easily handled. Many moving companies perceive that technology needs a massive investment—in fact, it is very inexpensive and provides an immediate return on investment. The concern of disruption is a real fear and something we have overcome with a step-by-step approach. By introducing technology one piece at a time and with hands-on training, moving companies can tackle adoption in phases. Maybe they start with a video survey application and move on to capturing pre-move surveys on a tablet device. Once that has been conquered it makes sense to them to transfer the pre-move survey data to automatically compile the move inventory.

“Bring it on”

As more relocation management companies and corporate clients demand digital information on a move, there are more moving companies that are ready to move forward. Sometimes we need to use our experience to manage the implementation and training in a more structured way to achieve the greatest success for the client.

Whatever the personality of the moving company, we always approach reluctance with patience, understanding and respect. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


Move4U Crewpro packing inventory app

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