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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


McCollister’s—Driven to Innovate and Improve

By Marco Maggiore, Vice President, McCollister’s Auto Logistic

Technology Partnerships Improve Transparency and Workflow

“The auto transport industry needs a better technology solution. Why doesn’t anyone offer one? Why are we still needing to leave voice mails, send emails, and wait for responses on the status of auto moves?” Those, questions direct from our clients, inspired us at McCollister’s to the creation of the AutoVista Portal.

McCollister’s specializes in technology solutions, as well as transportation and logistics services. As an auto transporter, we frequently support RMCs and van lines as a core strategic partner. As such, information about our portion of a move is required to be shared with several different layers including our direct client, their internal sales people or agents and the end vehicle owner or transferee.

The auto transport space in general remains somewhat antiquated due to its specialization. Our goal was to create a living ecosystem of technology to connect all of the layers—our clients’ customer service, sales, move managers, and assigned drivers, as well as their customers. Our guiding principle in developing the AutoVista portal was what’s known as the Amazon Effect: “If anyone needs to reach out to us because we’re not providing information, that’s a defect in our processes.”

Now, we offer our clients a high-tech portal with everything they need and some things they never dreamed of: data that is fully-transparent, real-time, and available 24/7. No need to track down reps or wait for answers. It’s a whole new level of technology delivered to transport so that clients can deliver excellence for their customers. It’s a solution designed specifically for RMCs, auto dealerships, and automotive technology companies.

Importantly, the AutoVista portal isn’t an app that people will use once and delete; it integrates directly with a client’s website or internal technology stack. This means that all of our data can be integrated into a client’s system where it is visible and useful to everyone involved in a move.

The customizable, API-ready portal is designed to allow clients to offer the real-time, transparent service to their customers, including instant tiered quotes, 24/7 bookings, and more, and it is perfect for lump sum programs. It can be branded to fit seamlessly into a client’s web presence, or used as a stand-alone service.

We developed AutoVista specifically for the auto transport sector of the moving and relocation industry, to help our clients give customers a better view all the way home—finding everything they need on one website to transport the car they own or buy to their door, with real-time visibility from the quote to final delivery.


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