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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Adapting for Today is Preparing for Tomorrow

By Tiddy S. Teerawit, Executive Director, Boonma

Technology Partnerships Improve Transparency and Workflow

Boonma has implemented technologies in every department from management, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, shipping, warehouse to site operations. We aim to be a digital-based moving and mobility solution company. For instance, we use technology for our internal and external meetings as well as corporate communications via virtual platforms. Our finance and accounting team uses technology to ease clients on cashless transactions and paperless systems as much as the government allows.

Our marketing and sales team uses technology to promote services through video presentations and social media channels. Our client service and support team uses technology to assist clients with pre-move advisory, estimate, follow-up, shipment pre-alert, arrival notice, welcome message, and more. Our shipping, site operations and warehouse teams use cloud technology to monitor data like movements of shipments, work calendar, digital photo reports.

Boonma has cloud-based in-house software to support all departments, especially our core units—marketing, sales, client service, shipping, operation and warehouse. Our management has invested in digital solutions designed to support moving and mobility industries for many reasons; the transition from older practices is never simple, but it pays off in quickly in terms of cost saving, convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency.

As Boonma is the oldest mover in Thailand, the company has a good mixture of old generation (with high experience skills) and new generation (with high digital skills). Technology changes very quickly and often. It's our management's challenges to keep up skills of both generations on the same page and adjust to the quick change of technology.

Adoption of new innovations has eased our workforce in many ways especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It enables us to stay safe from the pandemic while working from anywhere, while simultaneously maintaining close relationships with clients and agents worldwide.

New advances are constantly being made. We've recently discussed about the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) among ourselves, noting that some large commercial freight forwarding firms have begun using drones for delivery. In the EU, trucks can now run without a driver, while many car manufacturers have produced electric vehicles. We foresee that these will surely arrive in our moving industry sooner or later. The challenge for today is to equip our teams to be ready for the changes to come.


Boonma management and staff in front of Boonma's new high-tech building

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