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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Keeping It All Together

By Michel Gobbo, CEO – Geneva, ACR International Mobility

Improving Processes and Customer Experience

Three years ago, ACR International Mobility set out to develop a software solution to make the moving process easier and less stressful for clients. Similar tools were available on the market at the time, but ACR wanted a tool tailored specifically for their customers.

That software solution is called Move Tracking, and it is in use now. Each client that ACR moves receives a link that will take them to the move tracking system. Each client has a page with all their personal information, including contact information for the origin agent that ACR selects, with coordinator name, phone number, and e-mail.

All of the scheduled dates of the client’s move are displayed, including the pre-move survey date, packing date, loading date, estimated departure date (air, vessel, or road), and estimated arrival date at destination, along with details such as the vessel name, airline name, and voyage or flight details. Dates can be estimated dates, and once they are confirmed, the system marks them as such.

Move Track includes all contact information for the destination agent, as well as the estimated delivery date. With this system, the client is always just one click away from every piece of information they need to track and manage their move. Each time dates are confirmed or other new information is entered, the client receives an alert so that they are always on top of the situation and have access to all necessary documents.

After delivery is complete, Move Track initiates an e-mail to the client driving them to a quality questionnaire. Feedback is returned with just a few clicks, giving statistics on whether clients are very satisfied, unsatisfied, or somewhere in between for origin agents, destination agents, and for the ACR Move coordinator as well.

When all of the current information about a client’s move is kept organized and updated in the same place, this reduces the frustration and stress that moving can cause. And, when you design a piece of software to facilitate your business processes, it causes you to evaluate the processes themselves, which can lead to increased efficiency that benefits the company and its clients.


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