Portal - March/April 2021


A Business Culture of
Standing Out—ISS Relocations


By Abhilash Nair, Global CEO, ISS Relocations

ISS Walter Pareira

Walter Pareira

India is a country of uniquely diversified culture and aspirational people. The seasonal migration of labor for employment has become a common livelihood strategy in India, with a growing increase in opportunities within the country and overseas. At the same time, an increasing number of global multinational companies are setting up businesses in India’s small cities and towns, and the hiring and onboarding of expats into India has risen. All of these developments highlight the need for professional help with moving.

In India’s multicultural environment, people expect to meet their moving needs according to their cultural requirements. It is important to stand out in the crowded marketplace from the competition, and we at ISS make sure our customers remember us for being the company that is always changing, always improving, and always coming up with great new ideas.

Moving is not easy, and customers are stressed out with the very thought of it. Our excellent attitude, experience and knowledge assure them that all is going to be well and taken care of; this is what helps and encourages them. Being proactive, positive, and going that extra mile without being requested reassures customers that they are not alone.

Walter Pareira, our country lead, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years in this industry. He stresses the importance of a fair and holistic perspective on the potential, viability, and sustainability of our sector in the coming years. Starting out in 1998 as Supervisor in Relocation business at Mumbai, Pareira learned all about the logistics field and the impact that this sector has across businesses in the region. He gained new insights, forged new connections, and grew the base of clients and customers across India for the business, enabling it to expand more.

Pareira understands importance of committed and reliable supply chain partners and stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of the business. As Regional Manager, he was responsible for the strengthening of the business and the accelerators for growth in the region by developing and nurturing key relationships between important stakeholders to ensure the growth and expansion of the business in the region. He developed the vision and mission of the organization, making key decisions that deliver robust and impactful growth and sustainability as well as leading the business to newer levels as a key player in this industry.

Global CEO Abhilash Nair says “In the year 2020 during the peak time of COVID, we managed to handle a big project for a company that decided to move from UAE to India and the Philippines. The move involved about 100 employees between the two destinations. It was a difficult task due to global restrictions on shipping, local transportation and custom clearance. Flights were difficult to secure, but we are proud to say we managed it quite effectively, leaving the company and its employees happy with the results.”

The relocation business during the pandemic has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience. More than just successfully moving large projects, we would say that moving during this period we encountered customers at a time of pain and loss, as many of them moved because of job terminations and loss of loved ones. This was a time as a moving company we professionally yet emphatically cared for our customers at every level, which was the need of the hour.