Portal - March/April 2021


Horizon Relocations Brings
the World to Sri Lanka


By Ramanie de Silva, Chairperson, Horizon Relocations (Pvt) Ltd

Horizon Relocations Pvt Ltd is a family-owned Sri Lankan logistics solutions provider with a more than 30-year commitment to the relocations industry. Horizon Relocations operates in the heart of Colombo in close proximity to the Colombo Harbor and International Airport with a modern fleet of freight vehicles and an experienced staff led by Chairperson Ramanie De Silva and Managing Director Clement De Silva. We move goods for individuals and companies within Sri Lanka and across borders and continents with the utmost care.

Horizon Relocations is renowned for the transportation of valuable artifacts, of which we take exceptional care by using appropriate packaging material and by implementing thorough packaging and crating methods. In addition, Horizon Relocations is noted for our safe and careful transportation of pets and vehicles across the globe. One noteworthy cargo transportation done by Horizon Relocations was the delivery of the personal effects of Charles, Prince of Wales and his spouse Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall from the Bandaranaike International Airport to their residing hotel during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, 2013, which was held in Colombo. Horizon Relocations was honored to be appointed by the British High Commission as the cargo transportation agents for the Royal Couple‘s tour of Sri Lanka. 

A hallmark of Horizon Relocations is the modern and up-to-date packaging used by the company for international and local transportations, ensuring the safety of the goods being transported. Horizon is committed to providing customers with helpful feedback regarding information relevant to special permits that clients need to acquire in Sri Lanka. These practices have resulted in the spread of a powerful brand image through word of mouth even though Horizon Relocations has refrained from using advertisements for the promotion of the company. 

Horizon Relocations provides a full range of services globally in the sector of personal effects movement, and we plan to expand our commercial air-conditioned storage facilities. This will go a long way toward satisfying the increased demand for climate-controlled storage from clients who wish to protect their personal belongings from the high humidity prevalent in Sri Lanka. Horizon Relocations is committed to providing helpful information and advice to clients arriving in Sri Lanka about customs regulations, fulfillment of requirements, preparation for domestic situations and completion of documentation. In addition, we help clients who travel overseas from Sri Lanka to get this kind of information and advice through foreign agents attached to Horizon Relocations. 

Horizon Relocations team by their trucks