Portal - March/April 2021


Alpha Logistics Rises with the Economy


By Noor Alam Siddique, Managing Director, Alpha Logistics Ltd., Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a rising economy in South Asia. It is the second largest apparel exporter after China, and therefore Bangladesh is offering EPZ (export promotion zone) to foreign investors. EPZ is a bonded area with no duty or tax applicable to any import and export to and from the EPZ area. As you can imagine, this zone offers distinct benefits for the import and export of household goods.

One of the most memorable jobs we have so far accomplished was for the U.S. embassy in Bangladesh. Recently, the embassy upgraded all of the glass in the visa interview area to bulletproof glass. Alpha Logistics was awarded the contract for the move, and over its course we handled and managed all the bulletproof glass in the embassy.

The biggest challenge was to carry the heavy glass safely from the airport to the U.S. embassy in Dhaka. Extra precautions were taken throughout the process, enabling us to successfully deliver every part to the embassy.

Throughout this and every job we do, communication and commitment are our main strengths. Alpha Logistics works 24/7 with professionals, always quoting all applicable and expected charges; no hidden charges ever apply to our jobs.