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Regional Focus: Latin America and The Caribbean

By Will Kohudic, Editor, Portal

As it did around the world, the advent of Covid-19 heralded a disruption of daily life and work and accelerated change in the way business is done in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the past two years, a shifting mosaic of new government-mandated regulations and procedures has slowed and sometimes closed down the movement of goods across borders. Container shortages, seaport bottlenecks, and changes to shipping routes have created logistical headaches throughout the region. How can household moving companies survive, much less thrive, in this environment?

A few common threads running through the stories below provide the answers to this question. Our members in Latin America and the Caribbean are nothing if not resourceful. Their response to the pandemic and to other pressures that have developed over the past decade has been energetic and forward-thinking. In their own way, each has embraced new levels of flexibility and commitment to service. When times are hard, they work to build strong client relationships and company cultures, and win recognition again and again by putting clients first.

In these pages, they will show you how taking an organized approach and embracing innovation has not only kept them in business, but positioned them for greater success in the decade to come.

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