Issue - March/April 2022


Regulations and Recognition in Brazil

By Sheila Russo, International Manager, MovePlus International

The worst situation in Brazil today is the amount of time it takes for household goods to clear customs. The rules sometimes change without warning, the bureaucracy of the Customs office can be difficult to navigate, and in consequence the port charges can be quite high.

To help handle conflicting regulations and requirements, we use brokers with experience and knowledge to treat each process as one and always get good results. For example, they can help in obtaining duties exemptions and smooth the process. If it is in our hands and we have a legal solution, we always we will try our best to help the client. 

It is important to say that with almost 20 years of experience in the business, we take care of all our clients with excellence. We understand very well that personal belongings are the heart of the family and a big sentimental value. Therefore, we treat our customers’ belongings with all professionalism and all possible care, giving tranquility to the client and their family.

As we know in business, mishaps are inevitable, as we are dealing with public officials and bureaucracies. We have the experience to handle this kind of situation, however—in resolving the questions and issues, keeping the client informed step by step, and ensuring them they are safe in our hands.

We believe that customer loyalty starts with always thinking about how the client will feel with us taking care of their goods. We give VIP treatment to all clients all the time, from their first contact with our commercial department until the end, when the move is complete, as well as watching for details such as needs for insurance claims. Throughout the process, we rely on our experience, dedication, and honesty to maintain a close connection with the customer.

The biggest first obstacle for a new company in Brazil—or anywhere—is to build the confidence of your first clients so that they will return good comments, especially in the internet age. The worldwide pandemic brought tough times, but we continue working hard to overcome this period and keep doing our best for our clients and employees, and we continue to grow each day.

For a relatively young company, we still have many challenges to overcome. On the other hand, we are growing with security and confidence between us, our employees and our clients—that is the most important quality to keep us going. Our greatest reward is always to receive the recognition of clients who understand what we do for them. We receive accolades from customers who couldn’t find a way to move on their own, but received perfect attention from our “face of the company”—our commercial department—which has a strategy and an organized approach to attend to each client as they need and deserve.