Issue - March/April 2022


Looking Back on Two Challenging Years in Perú

By Daniela Krumdiek, Business Development Manager, Express Transports, S.A.

The past two years have been really challenging for everyone around the world. I think there is not a single person or company that has not been affected due to the pandemic. 

In Perú, it has been especially difficult; we broke all the records in terms of death and poverty, and informality has increased. Added to that, we are in a political crisis that divides the country. Business has become more difficult due to shipping line container shortages, and the lack of warehouse space has increased freight and THCs. Nonetheless, due to social distancing, Peruvian Customs has become more flexible in terms of documentation and the process has become more digital. Since all the implementations are taking place during the health emergency and political crisis, there are still many things to adjust and improve.

Beside problems related to the pandemic, we have faced big challenges because the company is constantly trying to become more technological.  We are currently almost paperless (in the back office) and all the changes are difficult for employees, especially those who have been working the longest. The difficulties haven’t stopped us, though, as we believe technology is the key to perform a better service for our customers and agents.

Our main goal is to maintain customers over the long term. This type of relationship is what we look for, and the way we achieve it is by being transparent, flexible and treating our clients with empathy. We explain to them about all the possible scenarios that an international move can go through in terms of inspections, delays, port charges, and more. Sometimes, sharing all this information with customers can generate concerns, but at the end it is better that they are prepared. We are living in rapidly changing world and the impact on the industry is inevitable.

Looking back over these two years, we´ve learned that things can change from one day to another and that difficult moments are unpreventable, but quitting is not an option and staying positive and focused is key. We´ve also learned that hard work pays off and that teamwork is what makes the difference. The greatest reward is to have customers and agents who trust our services and keep Express as their first option in Perú, but even more important is having employees with more than 25 years in the company—people who care for the company the same way the company cares for them.