Issue - March/April 2022


Service Excellence with a Personal Touch

By Santiago Bosch, LARM Chairman

LARM is a Relocation and Mobility Group with presence in 18 countries in Latin America (LATAM), achieving this year its 25th anniversary as leaders in relocation and mobility management in the LATAM region.

During the past 25 years, we have seen the region change greatly; especially over the last five to ten years, the speed of growth has been exponential.

Having Spanish as the common language spoken in most of the region—with the exception of Brazil—makes it easy for the new workforce to seek employment in a different location and allows for the emergence of flexible and agile modern companies based on new technology (apps, etc.). This emergence increases companies’ need to cover the main cities of the region with handy talent in order to make the most of the increasing opportunities.

This trend of growth has increased global traffic in the region and generated new needs. The addition of flexible packages, ready to use properties, lump sum policies, click-and-go! solutions (as we like to call them), all have required us to focus on technology and an increasingly client-facing approach.

Obviously, all of that changed in 2020 with the pandemic; it all stopped and the world felt like it came to a complete standstill. Uncertainty dominated our daily life but also made us realize the true importance of our role in helping other people with their lives, their moving, and their relocation. We were bound to answer the call and continue helping people in their journey—to continue helping talent move throughout the world.

The past two years have been dominated by changes. We know change always comes with challenges, and our region is a volatile and shaky part of the world. While we don’t consider that to be a characteristic that defines us—we have great food, sports, unique cultures, and folklore for that!—it always pushes us to give our best during the hardest times. Our team always seeks to enjoy and have fun while tackling challenges head on, and they have to do both to ensure the company continues to evolve with the times. It has been difficult, yes, but Latins are resilient and taught from a very young age to look at difficult times as opportunities to grow and get the most out of a difficult situation.

As we look towards the future, our mission continues to be a leader, pioneer and part of this global mobility family, in which we continue to innovate and overcome challenges while caring for expats and families alike in their journey.

“Some things will never change,” my grandma used to say, and she was right—a human touch and passion devoted to service makes the difference. We are social beings and we all like to be treated with care, love and understanding; let us not lose sight of this in our path to service excellence.