Issue - July/August 2022


Personal Growth and Company Growth Go Hand-in-Hand

Liam J. Willmott, Managing Director, WillMove Worldwide

In a world under constant change, we only have two options: we either innovate and embrace changes or we are left behind to wilt due to not being able to keep up with our competitors. At WillMove, we have always thrived by providing the best service and optimizing resources, which we have achieved thanks to technology. We have used specialized moving software for the past 14 years and, a few years back, started implementing digital inventories.

We believe that tech solutions must be provided to our customers, and thus we are always looking at constant innovation in our systems to make our customers’ life easier by delivering extra value and comfort, not just their goods.

In leadership, the value I consider most important is transparency. This value goes hand in hand with partnership and communication as being honest and straightforward with my clients and partners. These values will continue leading us to success, but it will not happen unless we have good, assertive communication between clients, partners, and our own staff.

My journey to leadership in WillMove started 12 years ago, when I was 11. It wasn’t easy starting as a porter, lending a hand at the warehouse and learning from our foremen. My first mentor at the warehouse was one of our foremen who still works to this day with us called Alex. He was very hard on me all the time, but he taught me how to export pack and demonstrated leadership values when coordinating the porters and packers.

At the age of 18, after seven years working part-time and summers at the warehouse, I started working at the office in customer service. This role taught me another extremely important value, especially in our industry: patience. From there, I went into the traffic department which helped me develop my coordinating skills, and then with the sales team I developed assertive communication skills. During the 23 years of my life, I have also had one main mentor when it comes to the way I look at things—my father Thomas, the founder of WillMove. He has always been a great leader and a role model teaching me how to be positive, a good planner, and have a business mindset.

In the past years, like most of my fellow industry leaders, we have had to cope with the pandemic and now with a war outbreak which is drastically increasing costs and making us innovate to cope with the market. Another barrier I had to deal within the last years is my age, as people don’t always take me seriously. However, once I have a chance to express my thoughts, the situation changes. This is something that still happens today. My young age is something I will have as a barrier for a few years, but overcoming it is something that will help establish WillMove as one of the main players in the markets where we operate, and we will continue leading in the years to come.