Issue - July/August 2022


Company and Association Leadership Go Hand-in-hand

Catherina-Celeste Stier, Key Account Manager–Partner Relationships, Harsch

In my experience, the most important values a leader can demonstrate are reliability, communication and inclusion. Whether it has been while serving on the IAM Board, or working with colleagues in the office, being available to listen to others and effectively communicate ideas and concerns has always meant reaching the best possible business and personal outcome.

My leadership journey began when I started as a move coordinator in 2006 and quickly became involved with the IAM-YP as my company’s European representative. After some years, I was elected IAM YP Vice Chair before becoming the IAM-YP Chair for three terms.

Overall, I was active on the YP board for most of the past 10 years, through 2020. That experience has helped me immensely in gaining the knowledge and self-confidence to run for a different board position at the Executive Committee meeting in 2020, where I was elected Core member representative at large. Each volunteer position with the IAM board has matched well with increasing responsibility at my company. They've worked hand-in-hand as important parts of my professional development.

In the coming years, I hope to see myself still on the IAM board, working together with the members and IAM leadership to shape the direction and future of the association which, again, should go right along with progressively more challenging roles at HARSCH. My future goals are related directly to my past and present growth as a leader. Through all of my years in the industry, I have had the opportunity to learn from many industry veterans, industry friends, YP members and colleagues.

Many young women, including myself, are faced with the additional struggle of gaining the self-confidence necessary to network in this industry. I’ll never forget the time when I attended my first conference in Hawaii. I was super nervous about the amount of people present, the dress codes, the meetings, etc. Luckily, I quickly found a great group of people (the YPs) who made it easier for me to feel included and comfortable. Challenges still exist, but we have come a long way, and involvement by women in all areas of our industry is helping to bring new confidence in our ability to lead the industry and our companies. 

Editor’s note: Catherina was the first recipient of the new IAM-YP Rising Star Award, which was presented to her at the General Session of the 2021 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The Rising Star Award recognizes an IAM-YP member who embodies the mission of the IAM Young Professional community; read more about this prestigious award on the IAM website and see the call for this year’s nominations on page 61.