Issue - July/August 2022


The Moving and Relocation Business in Pakistan

Tahir Mansoor GMS-T, Director, UTM Services

Moving is a very hectic business that involves various difficult processes, including getting into another country and cross-cultural stress in Asian Countries like Pakistan. And at the same time, you’re planning how to move your personal belongings, which includes your valuables (both with sentimental and monetary value). This is why household goods are not just shipped as general cargo; they are always sent as personal effects.

I have done all the research and hard work to identify current norms and technologies being used in our market, and am proud to say I’m the first IAM-YP in our country to have the IAM Trusted Moving Specialist designation, along with being the first ever in Pakistan to hold the Global Mobility Specialist designation. Along with those accomplishments, we are the first company in Pakistan to have instantly available rates 24/7.

Movers and Packers is one of the oldest businesses in Pakistan, a market which is yet to be discovered by most multinational companies. Older does not mean slower to adapt, though; we are working hard to develop an exclusive company from our extensive experience which will be one of the leading moving, packing, relocation, pet-transportation and logistics companies in the region. We have many proud partners and agents around the globe, and are able to run and operate this venture successfully, making this industry to grow to the next level in Pakistan.

I began my career with Mr. Hashim, President of Homepack, who is a legend of his era in our moving industry, and I learned from him—and through my experience with working in this region and industry—to break down barriers in growth opportunities and open the market for all of our colleagues and partners worldwide, so that they can trust and work with confidence. By leading my company with diligence, hard work, and thorough preparation, I am helping to create a strong company culture of aggressive market leadership and great potential for growth.