Issue - July/August 2022


Leadership In the Face of Obstacles

Kyaw Min Lwin @ Richard, Managing Director, Myanmar Express Int'l Moving Service Company

As a leader, the first thing that I make sure of is to support my team. My support makes sure that our team adapts to the changing world and the politics of this country, especially during the time of covid and post-covid. Therefore, I make sure that I'm involved in all of our processes to make sure that I'm always behind them (physically and mentally) and ready to face any challenges during my time at the office. I also believe that direct communication plays a big part in leadership. I make sure to communicate very well in order to have a smooth operation and make sure that our staff can sometimes make their own decisions, which helps them believe in themselves. Making sure that they believe and know what they are doing helps to maintain relationships and satisfaction with all of our clients.

The main reason that I'm a leader today is due to our late CEO/President Hla Shwe, who worked in this field for almost 35 years before passing away in November 2020 due to Covid-19. After he passed away, we had to face many difficulties during the ensuing six months. Every transition month was very important and productive, and it was up to me to guide the organization to the best solutions. In that time, I learned to overcome the difficulties and made sure we had an efficient transition period. It was a successful time, and we met the biggest challenge, which was to continue the legacy of our late president, earning the same level of trust from all of our previous clients and international partners.

The most crucial barrier that we have to face is the Military coup of February 1, 2021, which has changed the whole situation in Myanmar. We are now unable to use our new technology due to Internet restrictions and supply chain disruption. Luckily, with our leadership and experience from the past as taught by our late president, we have overcome every obstacle by mixing our old methods from the 90s with today’s new technology.