Issue - July/August 2022


The Importance of Mentors

Anish DSouza, Manager Sales, ISS Relocations

Mentors are an integral part of any organization, and the most important qualities that they should possess are humility and patience. Mentors by default have the product and service knowledge, a vast array of skill sets, and years of experience based on which they can guide and nurture any new employee who sets foot in an organization. In fact, having a good mentor can act as a catalyst for an employee to make a career decision with an organization.

Imagine a scenario where an employee joins an organization (no matter how big the company) and has just been handed work tasks via email or letter and is directly asked to perform and achieve targets on their own, without any personal guidance or direction, and lacking purpose and motivation needed to perform and execute a job. That is exactly where a mentor steps in!

In my 16 years of experience in the coordination industry, I have gradually moved within industries from the express (i.e., courier) industry to freight forwarding, and then accidentally into the relocation industry (the latter being by far one of the best journeys so far). I have always had an opportunity and privilege to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry. My mentors have ranged from experienced work colleagues to immediate reporting managers to CEOs who have helped me grow in my professional life, and I will always have great respect for all of them.

Leadership and mentoring could be considered as two sides of the same coin. However, mentoring is more of a selfless act of imparting knowledge and experience to an individual to help them grow without any benefits or expectations in return. Similarly, ISS Relocations strongly believes in its employees and gives everyone an equal opportunity to not only become a good mentor but also a leader in their own right, which eventually results in a solution where the employee and the organization both benefit.