Issue - July/August 2022


Imagining What Wasn't There: A Vision of a Winning Enterprise

Francesco Argiro, Founder & President, Bliss Corporation and Carolina Taddei, PR & Media Relationships, Bliss Corporation

We live in a world that is advancing and progressing at the speed of light: fashions, customs and habits that change overnight, innovative technologies ready to change our lives, and environmental processes that need to be tackled ever more seriously and quickly. Modernity requires us to sharpen our ability to adapt to change.

Today, talking about 'low-risk' business is a conceptually generic statement because the benchmark for 'low risk' is variable and linked to one's economic and social situation. Certainly, the first thing to do as an entrepreneur of a business oriented towards progress and growth is to analyze the reference market on which one intends to consolidate one's enterprise, to choose a team of highly qualified collaborators capable of generating value for one's customers, and to carefully study how it can be used to plan a whole series of winning strategies over the long and medium term.

The aspects that characterise a business are many: from leadership to administration, from marketing to sales via lead generation, service/product delivery and after-sales. The moment a business starts to structure itself, it is necessary to start delegating. Having competent and reliable employees is one of the keys to success. As the founder and front man of Bliss Corporation, I have always tried to share my ideas with my employees, to involve them with the same passion and determination with which I work every day to transform what was once the idea of a dream and has now become a beautiful reality for all of us. I encouraged them to grow humanly and professionally and tried to maximize the ambitions of each of them as best I could. Becoming a successful entrepreneur, achieving great things and being remembered over time, although fascinating, is really very complex!

The difficulties I have faced over time are manifold; the first years were very tough with a perennial cashflow in the red, the many expenses, and self-financing as a necessity. At the most difficult time, the best of me came out. I discovered that I had strength and resources within me that I never imagined. Developing a business is very challenging—there are no magic formulas beyond good values, strong principles and winning habits. Today, the successful entrepreneur is that person who finds a way to solve certain problems and, with his or her products or services, offers useful solutions to consumers.

An entrepreneurial idea is successful when it succeeds in identifying specific needs not yet solved by other companies, leading a brand to stand out within the market. An entrepreneur must be able to manage customers effectively, and know how to handle economic and financial aspects. Being an entrepreneur means loving what you do and believing in it with all your strength. My family has been an example of perseverance, resilience and determination for me and will continue to be so every day of my life. Today all I hope is to always be able to return to them the immense trust with which they have worked alongside me and believed in my ideas.

I also owe a great deal to my employees, who have shared joys and difficulties with me, who have fought like valiant warriors and worked like dedicated and tireless professionals. That is why I think the happiness with which we look at today's results is genuine, because we shared it—we did it together step by step and savouring every aspect of this long journey; the downs, the ups, the stops and the starts.

A company's strategies can of course change, in which case it will be necessary to modify its business model to align it with its planned objectives. A good entrepreneur also knows that the quality of the contacts he makes affects his life and work. The more business people you get to know, the more new opportunities will present themselves to you to improve or expand your business. After all, every aspect of our existence is based on relationships with others, and the professional world is no exception.

Today, Bliss Corporation promotes production models that reduce waste and reuse materials within endless production cycles. Every single company operating globally should strive to achieve these results, as sustainability is now seen as a strategic element, capable of triggering new competitive dynamics and playing a pivotal role in the competition. No company can ignore the evidence of the market value to be gained by taking an ethical and proactive attitude towards the preservation and protection of our environment. A sustainable company enjoys numerous advantages in terms of social sustainability, which nurture the trust that internal and external stakeholders have in the company, as well as having a more positive impact on costs through the use of low-impact practices, which are verifiable especially in the long term.

Our group is an example of a modern company that strives every day, and ever more strongly, to drive home positive social and environmental value and impact for all stakeholders. 2022 is a year full of projects aimed at strengthening what we could call our 'Sustainability DNA' and which any company should have and strengthen over time, regardless of its target market. One of our group's main goals is to succeed in making stakeholder value creation a must at all levels of our organization and to drive these needs forward at all levels of our business ecosystem.

Today, we aim to efficiently and strategically manage the resources we have at our disposal, be they natural, financial, human or relational; involving our employees in decision-making processes, making the core activities of our business sustainable, devising solutions to make all routine and day-to-day practices and operations efficient, supporting local businesses in their choice of suppliers, and monitoring the supply chain. There are barriers that sometimes seem insurmountable and our projects are certainly very ambitious, but for us, the whole charm of these challenges lies in the difficulty of being achieved.

We try to do the right things, assuming that quality is not something abstract, but a substance. Promoting a culture of quality is the indispensable element in achieving every single change for our company and the entire industry. The increase in Bliss Corporation’s turnover was partly due to the numerous investments made in the past, and partly due to the increase in prices throughout the corresponding market chain. The strengthening of the company structure has certainly had a significant impact on productivity, but what we are really proud of today is the bet we have made on people. The achievement of turnover and margin targets, together with the excellent economic management we can boast of, has allowed us to achieve positive and winning results on the profit side.

The company's philosophy continues to reward the community as well as the individual, favouring aspects of stability and staff growth. The many changes that the economic system will absorb will move towards a gradual stabilization, but from now on there will be no turning back. With this in mind, today our company speaks of innovation and technology—we will distinguish ourselves from our competitors and continue to invest in research and development. Within our group I would like people with long experience to gradually move away from the past to be more and more in line with the future and with the new means and systems we have at our disposal. In the same way, I would like younger employees to continue to preserve the tenacity to achieve their dreams, and to those who ask me what my vision is in five or ten years' time, I answer:

“After an initial period of hard work for analysis, design, creation, launch and optimization, a business must be able to walk entirely on its own legs, making the figure of the entrepreneur who launched it almost useless and superfluous.”