Issue - July/August 2021


Four Key Shifts in Our
Daily Office Routine Today

By Lori Hickey, Community Outreach and Relocation Consultant, Bliss Corporation

The world of global mobility is a dynamic industry capable of adapting to an ever-changing society and the powers that be, even in the most drastic situations, such as the Covid pandemic. While this health emergency abruptly changed the cards on the table, the rules of the game didn’t budge. It was tough finding solutions to meet the challenge, like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Lots of creativity and courage were required. Many found it downright frightening being left master of your own fate. Meanwhile here on the scene, the Milan metropolitan area and greater northern territories of Italy were suffering the harshest and most complicated effects of the pandemic. But despite this, Bliss was able to keep business advancing thanks to technology. How? Here are the four key shifts we put in place.

Transition to a remote workforce and virtual collaboration without forfeiting productivity

Isolation and social distancing were the watchwords in Italy when the pandemic first hit. With a strong sense of civic duty, the Bliss teams adapted by working from home. We gradually came back to the office once the general scenario slowly improved, wearing a mask and maintaining safe distancing. Professionally speaking, this new reality had a strong impact on our daily routine, especially because our work is heavily oriented on human relations, which at the beginning of the health crisis was immediately missing. Thanks to Team Bliss, by analyzing various possible scenarios, we were able to find digital tools that would allow us to make up for this apparent lack. Our focus quickly pivoted to taking full advantage of these tools that would permit us to keep our human and business relationships alive.

Embracing innovation

Using technological advancements, we can now conduct a pre-move survey with precision online, without physical contact required. What is this all about? Let's start from the assumption that the pre-move survey is a fundamental phase in the planning of a move. Using the "virtual pre-move survey" method, we can obtain an even more accurate estimate, thanks to the artificial intelligence that this tool provides us with. It also makes it possible for us to share a list of the surveyed items and other details in real time with the customer, versus the case of the standard survey where this is not feasible. We were able to accomplish all this simply by relying on an app, easily downloadable on any device. It guaranteed us the flexibility, timeliness, and above all, the capability to respect the precautions and protocols in force to prevent the spread of Covid. At the end of the day, we were able to provide our customers with the same service but in a safe, contactless way.

Integration of tech-driven solutions

Technological solutions can help minimize our carbon footprint and accelerate our commitment to our environmental sustainability goals. Their potential lies in the ability to perform a virtual survey for our customers, perhaps on the other side of the globe or having restricted availability, which in a normal scenario would not be easy for us to organize. In this virtual way, direct and immediate contact is possible without the need to rely on local partners. It also allows our team and our customers to avoid unnecessary downtime and reduce transport needs, making a positive impact on the environment.

A human-driven digital transformation strategy that helps us be more human

There is no denying that partnering with technology will be the new reality. We see a lot more leveraging of digital platforms while still preserving the human-centric focus. Human-centricity is a core principle of our company that we believe will never be overlooked, and one we will certainly continue to advance to the best of our ability.