Issue - July/August 2021


Taking Advantage of the Downtime

By Fábio Manuel, President & CEO, Invictus Relocations

This entire pandemic season has been a continuous and relentless challenge mentally, businesswise, and personally speaking. It has come like a flood to affect so many aspects of our lives and has put many things in perspective. But, like everything in life, we must accept our reality and try to make the best of it, and try to learn as much as we can from each situation we face.

Invictus Relocation has always had a keen eye for new technologies and implementing new practices, as our business world is in continuous motion. We must always offer something new, something that others don’t, something that can be promoted as a differential tool—those very same processes have proven handy during the first lockdowns, when our business stopped abruptly.

Thankfully, our business did not decrease during the lockdowns. We managed to keep a balanced rhythm, but it was very challenging for some of our staff who have big families, working from home with kids and pets running around while they try to focus on planning the moves and services of some very important people in this industry.

During those times, we tried to focus on developing processes and leads, and make improvements in several parts on the company that we didn’t have much time for in the past. We made several improvements on our website, launched a new website for the pet relocation service, launched a blog and a YouTube channel, created a new portfolio, and visited prospective customers. We took that time and made the most of it, planting a lot of seeds that hopefully will start to blossom very soon.

The culture and dynamic of the company changed in many small details, such as multitasking, problem resolution, dynamic video survey, and health and hygiene procedures, which we will keep together with our technology-focused mentality. We also found we had to adjust our marketing strategy completely; nowadays, it is very difficult to book a physical meeting with the owner of a company or visit a certain customer. In the past, we would come and visit occasionally, but now that had to change completely. Luckily, Zoom calls and video meetings have made our time easier and created several opportunities to reach businesses we’ve been trying to contact for quite a while now.