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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Supermove: Making Moving Simple for Everyone

By Wonjun Jeong, Co-founder and CEO, Supermove

Technology Partnerships Improve Transparency and Workflow

The idea of Supermove came about when I was moving apartments in San Francisco. It was my third time moving in a single year. Moving is painful, as everyone knows. But what stuck out to me was that every single time, at the start of each and every move, the lead foreman would hand me their clipboard so I could sign this massive multi-page carbon copy contract called a “Bill of Lading.”

If you step back and think about it, this business transaction is such a stark contrast to the rest of our lives, which are now immersed with technology. There are almost no businesses now that require you to transact via paper signatures. So, I looked into it further.

I cold-called hundreds of moving companies in California, and soon learned that everyone was doing it the exact same way—and every single moving company owner hated it. I got together with the best engineer I've met in my entire life, Mark, my cofounder, and we started Supermove.

As we were hacking away on software and got a few customers onboard, we came to a hard realization: software is not the only thing movers need. Most movers know that there is software out there that can streamline their companies. They know there are better ways to do their work. But no one was doing it. Everyone still sticks with paper, even though it’s painful. What we discovered is that movers just need a simple way to change. Because change is not fun.

And so, every decision that we make as a company—the way we build our product, the way that we innovate, and the way that we provide support—is to make change simple. This is why Supermove is so easy to use and understand, requires minimal training, and why we provide 24/7 live 1:1 access customer service and support. It's why the system is also so flexible, adapting and molding to your business and your feedback. This is why we've been able to grow so quickly, partnering with over a hundred moving companies across the country. Our success and performance are measured based on your success, your transition speed, and the improvement of your business, not our revenue or our sales. Our partners come first; our mission is to make moving simple, and we're only just getting started.


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