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Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Technology Will Never Replace the Human Element in the Moving Industry

By Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, PM Relocations

Best Practices (and Pitfalls) in Tech Adoption

It’s true that technology has replaced a number of jobs in the world over the past decade. But how much can technology really replace the human element in a people-driven moving industry?

In this era of the digital world, many prefer to get their services with just a click. Technology is of great use for the moving industry in terms of providing users with a way to get services on websites and mobile applications. Along with this, it provides a platform to collect and store a massive amount of data, eliminating the need for manual data entry, letting you organize data easily and keep the account of every customer in one place. In addition to this, the use of automation can make the work more efficient and productive.

Technology still has limitations when we talk about the relocation industry, for instance in packing an article with proper care as humans can do. Although great advancements are being made in technology, there are certain tasks that are done by humans in a better and more efficient way. Moreover, the emotional aspect of packing your favorite item can’t be replaced.

One will always feel assured that their life savings are in safe hands with a team of experienced packers. The moving industry is a sector where humans excel over the use of technology. Robots function according to their programs, unlike humans who have the ability to innovate and quickly meet the needs and requirements of a move.

It’s quite clear that technology cannot replace the whole human element from the moving industry. Instead, it replaces stress and fatigue, and increases the efficiency and productivity of the human workforce. Though it continues to streamline the overall moving process, technology will never be able to match the real-life work experience of the people who work directly with the clients’ belongings.


Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, PM Relocations

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