Portal Focus - May/June 2021


Saved By the Cloud

By Jesús Rodríguez, Sales & Marketing Manager, Grupo Amygo

Enhancing Connections and Communications

There is no doubt 2020 has been a big challenge for everyone, including Grupo Amygo. It was probably the strangest, more surprising, and unexpected year we all have lived. Nobody was ready for something like a global pandemic. But luckily, our company could manage it.

Just to have a better idea, by April 2020 one in three people was locked at home. On March 15, all our employees went home. Our head office in Madrid was empty, as well as all our delegations. Friday March 13 was a normal day at the office in Madrid, and suddenly we were told on Monday the 16th stay at home. As you can imagine, we were in the middle of handling hundreds of projects, quotations, invoices, and freights, like any other company in our sector, at the beginning of the business peak for the moving and relocation industry.

Fortunately, weeks before (and believe me, we were not handling privileged information) we decided to change our software systems and our way of working to move our data to a cloud-based software called byMovers (provided for byLogic, a Spanish company).

That was not an easy decision, because as you can imagine, when a company makes such a change it brings a lot of learning, a change of the way you are used to working, and of course the apprehension that big changes always entail. We needed training on the new system, move huge amounts of data from the old one to the new, and make some adjustments on our daily routine, but finally we managed it.

That change was probably one or our best decisions as a company, because with our new software we were able to keeping on working from home. We had some previous experience with telecommuting, but only for exceptional situations, and in most cases just for a few hours and only for online meetings or being on travel during some event (we truly missed the IAM Annual Meeting this year, and hopefully we will meet you all soon).

Cloud software was definitely our lifesaver during pandemic lockdown. The possibility of giving our staff access to all the information they need, sharing data and working in real time, allowed our company keep moving, tracking existing projects, and even begin new ones, no matter where they were and no matter what devices they had available at home. Since our system doesn’t require you to install anything, it doesn’t matter what kind of computer, tablet or smartphone they use.

Besides, cloud technology provides new tools for your customers to reach your company and your services. It includes a professional web site, with contact forms and quote requests for every need your customers may have, and the consequent tracking and control of all new projects all over the world. All is connected with your software and resources.

We deeply recommend our colleagues in removal, relocation and storage business not to be afraid of take the leap to cloud technology. It is not the future—it is a bright and useful present for Grupo Amygo and removal companies around the world.

Of course, technology cannot replace every aspect of our business. We are really looking forward to meeting you all again at the IAM Annual Meeting—running into old friends and making new ones. Take care, keep safe and keep on moving.