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Portal - March/April 2021


LINKINDIA: Adapting and Innovating in India


By Shankar KS, Director & CEO, LINKINDIA Logistics Pvt Ltd, India

Shanka KS

LINKINDIA has a rich background in the shipping and logistics industry as a family business enterprise that began in 1952 as a traditional steamer agent, actively representing leading RORO/Container/Break Bulk principals. The company withdrew from the agency business in the early 1990s to focus on freight forwarding and logistics. LINKINDIA was a small business division which spun off into a separate corporation in 2013 to exclusively focus on building a removals and relocation business across India. “Think INDIA—Call LINKINDIA'' has been the motto with which the organization branded itself to clients and partners across the globe.

Client satisfaction is our key objective, and our team is empowered to ensure satisfaction at all levels of a client’s interaction with the organization. We have customers who have moved with us repeatedly over the years due to the comfort level they have experienced when using our services. At an enterprise level, our customers have the satisfaction that we are competitively priced and service-oriented, allowing them to leave the task in our hands.

We focus on domestic relocations, international moves, and office relocations within India. Additionally, as part of our offerings we also assist with home search in major cities across India. India’s population is very mobile, with people moving within the country during their employment with organizations. Whether it be an organization-paid move or an individual-paid move, the level of service and attention to detail by our team remains the same.

Planning the whole process prior to execution is the fundamental step of ensuring a hassle-free and satisfying experience with LINKINDIA. We have done numerous jobs for large corporations on short notice, including during the lockdown, where we were entrusted with transferring IT assets to employees, enabling them to work from home. We also undertook a project assisting elderly people to move to a retirement home in the outskirts of Chennai, moving their household goods with utmost care for their hygiene and health. 

Our team understands the cultural differences that make India both a unique and diverse space to operate in, and communicate effectively with the customer keeping this in mind. In earlier times, domestic transportation within India was a challenge due to multiple state tax laws. However, since the introduction of GST in India, the transportation process has been greatly simplified. We have operating arrangements with fleet owners and long-distance trucking companies that allow us to efficiently mobilize requirements at short notice.

LINKINDIA’s future plans include expansion to tier-2 cities within India, greater focus on the domestic market, and offering boutique services to both corporates and individuals. With the cooperation of our group company AQUA Relocations in the Middle East (in Bahrain, Qatar and Oman), it our desire to offer a multi-regional opportunity to clients and partners.

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