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Editorial Calendar for the Portal

The International Association of Movers magazine, The Portal, is read by thousands around the world and mailed to more than 170 countries six times a year. It is our members' premier information, advertising and communications resource. We welcome submissions of articles and news from our members in every issue. The Submit Your Story page details regular columns to which you may submit articles and news, as well as our submission guidelines and instructions.


Themes for 2024 Issues
January/February (Deadline: December 22, 2023)

Who Do You Trust with Your Customers’ Goods? Best Practices to Find Reliable Partners

How does your company find the right partners to handle your customers' goods? Share your methods, sources, and stories in our first issue of 2024.

March/April (Deadline: February 9)

Recruitment and Retention Strategies

When your company needs people to fill a new or existing role, where do you find the best candidates? Once you've found the right people, how do you retain them within your company?


Secondary Focus: Facing Financial Challenges

Every company faces financial challenges at some point in its operations. How has your company responded to cash flow issues and other financial difficulties?


May/June (Deadline: April 8)


Innovations in Technology: Defining the Future of Moving

Technology has never advanced faster than it is today; new services and new ways of doing business are transforming our industry. How is your company keeping up, moving forward, and innovating with technology?


July/August (Deadline: June 7)


IAM-YP Focus: Globally Connected, Mindfully Stable: Achieving Work-Life Harmony in the World of Moving


The theme for the YP issue of the Portal magazine will focus on mental wellness practices and their impact on professional performance and personal well-being in the industry. This issue will share members' stories of balancing work demands with personal life and practical strategies for maintaining mental wellness despite a busy schedule.

September/October (Deadline: August 8)


IAM 62nd Annual Meeting & Expo Preview

What to Expect at the Annual Meeting: An overview of planned events and the people who make it all happen.

Secondary Focus: Highlighting Our Volunteers

The time, effort, and collective wisdom supplied by IAM's volunteer leaders are essential to the success of the association. These are their stories.


November/December (Deadline: October 21)

Perspectives on the 62nd Annual Meeting & Expo: A recap and screenshot/photo review of the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Please submit editorial content, including all news stories, to Will Kohudic, Editor.

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